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Here's a fairly quick upgrade you can give your graveyard display.
  Find a garden statue or other suitable sculpture. I found this angel at Goodwill. Obviously, the color doesn't work for a graveyard, unless it's owned by Liberace, so a custom paint job was in order.
  I headed off to the hardware store to get some spray paint specifically made for plastic. I rubbed down our cherub, here with paint thinner to rough up the current paint job without removing the whole thing. I sprayed it with two coats of plastic primer, allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats, then sprayed it with black plastic paint. I didn't like the glossy look, so I applied one layer of regular, flat black spray paint to knock down the shine.
  Whenever I go to the hardware store, I always look for exterior paint in the "Oops" section. I scored some flat, gray, exterior paint for my tombstones, and used some on this little guy.
  I pulled out my favorite craft painting buddy, the 2" chip brush, and folded up a couple of paper towels. After loading the brush with paint, I brushed most of it onto the paper towels first, then gently dry-brushed it onto the cherub. This technique picks up the relief (or higher) points of the sculpture, leaving the lower points untouched. This not only accents the shapes, but if done right, it can add to the aged, creepy look of your graveyard.
  Here's the finished product:

  It won't be hard to find the perfect spot for him, now!

Check back from time to time to check for new projects. I will be posting them here as they're completed.

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